Saturday, September 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung will be launching its latest smartphone – the GALAXY Note. Samsung has always had a special place in my heart – seeing how it was the brand of my very first mobile phone. (Oh so very long ago…) And how the mobile phone has morphed and improved so much! I can still recall my small Samsung flip mobile phone.

And the Note is yet another addition to the Samsung Galaxy range. Check out this short video introducing the GALAXY Note!

Looks totally yummy! Haha! I know I don’t look the part, but I have a soft techie spot! I totally heart gadgets that are cool to use and pretty to look at at the same time. Yes, it has to be both to do it for me. Like I said, I have a techie spot, but it still got to bring the bling! And the sleek black of the GALAXY Note has pretty much conquered my heart!

The screen size is a nice 5.3” across, making it one of the largest one around, for a smartphone. The Note also boasts of the world’s first HD Super AMOLED display, provides you with an expansive high-resolution screen for an immersive viewing experience. The S Pen also makes it a whiz to jot down freehand direct on to the screen – useful especially when you consider that the phone allows you to make screen captures, and do the annotations instantly. For busy (and forgetful) bloggers like myself – having a phone that can also take nice photos (for the oft-times I forget to bring out my Canon camera) is a great advantage! The Note has an 8MP camera with inbuilt professional photography options.

You can check out more features of the GALAXY Note here:

As for me, this gorgeous gadget will make it to my Christmas wish-list! Haha! *coughcoughhinthint!*

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