Thursday, November 10, 2011

Potty training tips

In some most certain parenting matters, I take a pretty laid-back attitude.

And when it came to potty training Jay, this showed up my laziness laid-back-ness like you wouldn’t believe.

First off… I decided I wouldn’t do it.

Try to toilet train Jay, I mean.

Cos I figured, as a full-time working mom, I hardly had time to spend with him at home. Much less what to spend it cleaning up pee.

Of course there were the half-hearted attempts. I got a potty for him. Encouraged him to tell me when he felt to “urge” to go. And continued stocking up on the disposable diapers and contributing to the landfill situation.

But then… I also left to him. And the childcare centre I plonk good money each month to help me with this.

So to all you parents struggling over the potty issue, here’s my little list to help you out.

  1. Don’t worry. Kids will eventually learn. Sure it might take a while, but they will get there, and you won’t grow frustrated at them. Haha!
  2. Don’t worry. They won’t go to college in diapers.
  3. Don’t worry. (Just in case you didn’t get it the first two times)

But the clincher and impetus for Jay to finally ditch those diapers?

The arrival of his baby brother! Haha… I think seeing us buying those cloth diapers for Xavier was the “final straw” for Jay, and he quickly wised up to using the toilet like a “big boy.”


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Madeline said...

Smart boy! Hahs