Monday, June 11, 2012

My cheeky boys!

Spending time with my two cheeky boys gives me such great pleasure! It is a joy to see them interact, fight, bicker, fight, scream, laugh… but no matter what, doing it together.

I’ve had friends ask if Jay wants to play or spend time with Xav. Well the answer to that is a definite YES. He adores his younger brother, and always asks to do things with him. From taking naps together to bathing together, and yes, even during playtime, the cheeky older brother is always ready to spend time with the younger one. But do they squabble? Oh definitely as well! Haha!

Being the “leader” that Jay naturally is, he expects to be listened to, all the time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Xav is much of a follower-type himself. In fact, if anything, X can be fiercer than his older brother.

Jay typically is more peaceable. When he is confronted, he usually doesn’t retaliate straight away. When Xav is confronted, he fights back. I brought him to a playground just the other day, and an older kid came by and wanted to play the “wheel” Xav was on, and the moment the kid laid his hands on the wheel, my feisty 14-month-old immediately slapped the offending hand away and gave a warning shriek.

Well, at least I know he won’t be bullied. But the bully? Aah… that remains to be seen.

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