Thursday, June 07, 2012

Shopping Away with Mastercard this GSS!


Many things change when one becomes a parent. Priorities change, sleep patterns change… even one’s figure changes (sigh, don’t get me started).

One thing hasn’t changed much – my love for shopping! It’s now more channelled and controlled, of course. Quite controlled. Somewhat controlled. Okay, so there are weak spots here and there. And impulse buys sometimes. Ahem. But channelled. Did I mention channelled? Now, I look out not just for bargains for ME, but good deals for the kiddos!

This Great Singapore Sale season, I was happy to receive a spanking new M1 Prepaid Mastercard (PayPass-enabled), and we were given the opportunity to splurge on the kiddos for the weekend! And in the midst of the shopping frenzy (or can-hardly-stand-still kids or bored spouse or all of the above), it’s sometimes not the clothes-trying or toy-choosing time that is tiresome, but the queuing to pay! And in this respect, PayPass makes it easy to make your payment in a simple, swift and safe way! Shop, and simply tap away at the various shopping, dining and entertainment outlets around the island. This GSS, there’s an awesome deal – every 5 taps (regardless of amount) at any of the 20,000 acceptance points during GSS period will earn you a $10 shopping voucher (for the first 1,500 cardholders a week).

A treat for the kids… means starting with a trip to Toys R Us!



Where both boys had a BLAST once they knew they each get a special present from us!


As you can see, Jay took it seriously… poring over his various options: A new Transformer? A new Dinosaur Train? While his younger brother had some tough choices to make of his own.



Finally the decisions were made and we went with a Ben 10 toy for Jay and two Sesame Street DVDs for Xav.



If you spot these terminals around, you know PayPass is available – and you just need to tap and the transaction is done in a matter of seconds!



It’s like going up the bus and tapping on the ez-link machine. Even Jay could do it!


Later that day, we proceeded to a yummy dinner at one of our favourite restaurants – Waraku!



Jayvon and his kid’s meal – which Xav happily slurped off a lot of that ramen as well.



Dinner with the two boys is never dull… as they entertain each other as much as they entertain us.

This GSS season, look out for special privileges for Mastercard holders, and the PayPass platform as an easy way to pay and go – a dream for busy, on-the-go parents! Coming up – a purchase for me… as I make my way to Adidas to get a brand new gym bag (Didn’t you read about the first paragraph? Haha!) as I get ready to do more tapping!

What are your recent good GSS buys? Share share! :)

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