Monday, July 02, 2012

The evolving dinosaur art

In the beginning, there was the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


And many, many, MANY variations of this fierce carnivore.

And just a week or so ago, he was learning all about shapes in school. And he created this masterpiece, using cut-out shapes in school.

(Photo lifted off the school’s email newsletter)

And he was on a ROLL. And on Friday, when my cell group meeting had ended, Jay took up some pieces of paper, and in under 10 minutes, came up with these.


An ankylosaurus (clue: the spikes on the back and rounded hammer tail).


A brachiosaurus (clue: long neck, crest on head and four toes).


T-Rex (with a neck!)


A pteranodon (with wings and a longish head)


A stegosaurus (with a small head and the plates on the back and spiked tail. Yeah, it looks like the ankylosaurus, but the devil is in the details!)


A triceratops! Love how he interpreted the frill of this dinosaur.

I was pretty blown away by his creativity… but this conversation we had on Sunday, on the way to church stunned me even more:

Daddy: Hey, Jay, do you want to tell Mummy what you told me just now? Remember, you told me that when you were 2 years old, you liked to put your feet inside the holes in the drains? And when I said I remembered you doing that, and asked you why, what did you say?

Jay: Hee hee… because I wanted to grow up to be a cheeky boy!

Daddy: Haha… And then he paused, and told me, “No no I want to be a palaeontologist now!”

We all had a good laugh at Jay’s cheekiness.

Jay: But Mummy…

Mummy: Yeah?

Jay: Don’t tell me to be anything else ok? I want to be a palaeontologist !

Mummy: Hahaha… Okay okay. So you don’t want to be a teacher or a policeman ya?

Jay: I want to be a palaeontologist.

Daddy: Though I’d like you to be a psychiatrist, okay… palaeontologist it is.

Jay smiles, pleased as punch.


For someone so young… it’s amazing he has his own mind… and can still tell us not to get him to do or be anything else! So I’m supporting Susan’s very first Motivational Monday – and this post is dedicated to the little fella who knows what he wants and ain’t no one going to tell him otherwise!

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