Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am pretty amazed by my little boy at times.

Last weekend, I brought Jay out for a soap-making workshop. On the way there, on the cab, I had a conversation with him about… germs. Yes. I was telling him about his habit of late of putting his fingers into his mouth. Totally unhygienic! Yikes! And so I was explaining to him about germs, and how it can harm us, as well as talking about handwashing, and the lot.

Then we reached the soap-making class, and while he appeared to be only paying half-attention to the class as she went about explaining…


And after the class, Jay floored me. Twice.

Firstly, as we were strolling hand-in-hand to Takashimaya for a spot of shopping and dinner, he turned to me, and said, “Let’s continue talking about germs.”


Secondly, as we were nearing Takashimaya, he told me he was hungry. Which was a little amazing, as he was battling a queasy stomach and low appetite the last few days. He refused even his favourite food like hashbrowns (which explains why I allowed him the lollipop before the class, haha!) And when I expressed a little surprise at his hunger, he told me, “Because of the orange scent. Remember Mummy? The teacher said I will have a good appetite after smelling. So I am hungry now and I want to eat chicken noodles.”

Well, of course I remembered the explanation given about the various essential oils that can be put into the soap, including sweet orange which purportedly improves appetite, but Jay looked so bored, I could hardly believe he actually not only was listening but he actually remembered.

Sometimes we don’t give our kids enough credit. Or maybe it is just me.

As I look into my little boy’s eyes, gosh, I feel like he is growing up too fast! And when he does “grown-up” stuff like this, I feel this even more acutely.

And we also need to remember – that our kids are truly sponges. They pick up on anything and practically everything we do in deeds and say in words. How we react when we are offended, what words we use to edify or demean the people around us, the tone (and in many cases, the volume) of our voice when communicating to our spouse. During my last outing to Universal Studios with some colleagues, I had this majorly UGLY photo taken (and no, I am not going to post that up, so you needn’t ask) cos in between the time when the passerby trying to take our shot, I, how do I put it, was trying to “readjust” my face. And bam! That totally unglam shot captured for eternity. The good part? My colleagues will be able to use it as a stress reliever whenever they are a little down. But one of them commented and said she saw the same silly expression on Jay’s face before, in one of the photos taken. Which, when I think back, is pretty amazing. And scary. And an apt reminder for me to watch myself when in their presence. Haha!

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