Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Of water and plants

Weekends are precious for us, especially since we work on the weekdays. So we do try to bring the kids somewhere a little special. I have two water-babies, and they love water play! We decided to go to the Marina Barrage to let the kids run wild a little.

Such a joy to see the two boys splash, karate-punch, jump and squeal around the sprouts of water.


After an hour of frolicking in the water, we decided to walk from the Barrage down to Gardens by the Bay – which was about 5, 10 minutes away.


I look forward to the day when the hoarding’s removed, as the view’d been pretty fabulous. Soon, the domes came to view!


It was our first time there, and we didn’t expect to see these:


Erm, nope, not the crowd (that’s expected) – but the stone animals lining the area! It thrilled both my boys to bits!


(Okay, I don’t think it’s very safe for kids to try to mount these statues, but it’s tough to tear Xav away without at least a little bump on the small elephants! Explanation for his reddish cheeks here – this was before we used the cream!)

We walked around, and did the usual touristy thing. Photographs!



The real Supertrees (above) and a tree whose branches look like the Supertree (below)!

We wanted to settle our dinner at the foodcourt…


but apparently so did a few hundred other people. There was a queue to enter the food court! Yikes… Guess that will have to wait till a while later.

Anyways, the Gardens were lovely to walk around, especially on a cool weekend afternoon.

Looks to be a frequent haunt for us as well! A friend mentioned she went on the Garden Cruiser Tour with her kids, and it was a quick 20-minute ride around the entire Gardens with commentary, so I am looking forward to that too!

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