Friday, August 17, 2012

What lies ahead?


I took this photo of my little one, while we were waiting to see the doctor.

He was busy trying to peer through the clear slits of the windows pane, as he was watching the people pass by along the corridors, giggling as they waved back at him, and trying to mouth “hullo” back to them.

Such a charmer. (If I may say so myself…)

He walks into the shops in the malls and smilingly waves “hullo ebereebordee!” to the shop assistants. When Grandpa or his aunts ask to carry him, he turns away and pouts “Nor!” Yet he squeals with delight every time Jay does a silly antic (so, there’s a lot of squealing in the house). He says, “Night-night!” and lays his head on the bed, pretending to sleep. He stares intently whenever we say our prayers at bedtime, and I think he is trying to learn to say, “Amen.” Ask him to say goodbye to grandma or someone close, and he is usually reticent. Yet, he will effusively say shout “Bye! Bye! Bye!” to my next door neighbour. When we talk to him, he will cock his head ever so slightly, giving him those puppy-dog eyes. He loves to pounce on the Daddy, and lip-blow on him in an attempt to tickle.

How he has grown.

To think I was a tad concerned about his walking and talking ability, as he seemed to lag behind his older brother a little. He only started walking at 14-15 months, but boy oh boy, he is WALKING now. He wasn’t really talking, but about a month back, he started rattling on and on in that funny lil’ language of his.

I am missing his baby years. And looking forward to his toddler ones.

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