Monday, September 24, 2012

A trip to Siam Ocean World

Bringing Jay to Bangkok, I did a little research online and also approached some friends who’d brought their kids to Bangkok on a good place to go. I mean, shopping and massages are great (for me), but I also wanted this trip to be a little more meaningful for him! I had narrowed down my choices to either the Floating Market or Siam Ocean World. However, on Sunday when we were supposed to go to see the Floating Market, we’d all unfortunately overslept (oops…) and by the time we’d got up, it was past 9 a.m., it was too late to make our way there. I then booked our online tickets to the Siam Ocean World! It helped that this was located at the basement on one of Bangkok’s shopping malls Siam Paragon!

On Monday morning, the day we were supposed to leave the Land of Smiles, we popped over to the Ocean World, and it was a fun and educational time with Jay!


From snow crabs…


To a nautilus…

IMG_8828   We leisurely walked through the various exhibits, as the hubby flexed his considerably superior knowledge of marine life!

It probably also helped that Jay’s class had recently concluded a mini class project on marine life – so my little boy could proudly point out the stingray and tell us what the breathing holes did, and more! Haha…

We had purchased the package which also included the glass bottom boat ride! We even decided to pay the additional 100 baht (S$4) for the bait – which was a good move!

IMG_8833 As you can see – Jay is PUMPED to see those little prawns. Till today, he talks about feeding the prawns to the hungry sharks! Haha!



Every prawn thrown resulted in a mini feeding frenzy which needless to say fascinated my little boy.

It was a pretty short ride round the enclosure, and we continued on to the rest.




Jay was also in love with this Tuk Tuk display, He was busy imitating all the drivers we’d seen on the roads, and driving away!

IMG_8848   IMG_8850

All in all, it was an enjoyable morning – and a great way to end our Bangkok trip!


Geraldine said...

Oh this place really looks nice, I like the neon picture with the floating jellyfish! :)

Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel said...

What a cool place! Love the prawns and the snow crabs!

Would love it if you could link up to my Travel Tuesday meme - stop by my blog Tuesday to link up.


Klessis said...

Sounds like fun! A reason to bring my kids to BKK now! Haha..

Susan said...

I love going to BKK but have not brought Sophie there as hubby is not convinced it's a child friendly holiday location. When I finally do convinced him, the Siam Ocean World is one place I;ll bring Sophie.

Madeline Heng said...

We were thinking of bringing my girl the next trip but hor, feel the entrance fee a bit ex haha. Will see how it goes next year ;p

tet ^0^ said...

nice shots! I wish to travel to Bangkok to with my family.. :)

Ron Leyba said...

I wish I can visit the place with my family. Cool place to bond, relax and unwind.

Rosemarie-Pinay Singlemom said...

oh! the little boy is enjoying, how I wish I can bring my son to this place in the future..

promding chamimay said...

that's a cute "tuktuk" you got there!

cant wait to travel with my little buddy too!!! we'll start his travel life this december!!! excited much!

Mommy Maye said...

Oh I really like the pink Tuk-tuk there. I have been to Bangkok but I that's a pure business so I don't get to enjoy it that much besides I was all alone. :(