Monday, September 10, 2012

Humour from a 4-year-old

It’s Teacher’s Day, a day to celebrate all educators – and a day when most childcare centres close. This time round, Daddy decided to take a day’s leave to spend time with Jay.  Daddy brought him to the beach for a Burger King breakfast followed by some fun at the sandy beach!

For some reason, Jay decided to pick up these little casuarina seeds that littered the East Coast beach area.

Jay: Daddy, look how many acorns I have collected!

Daddy: Wow. There must be at least 70 here.

Jay: Yeah! I am going to collect them all and bring them home!

Daddy: No! You can’t bring them home.

Jay: Haha! I’m just joking.

Daddy: =.=” (and promptly messaged me this conversation via Whatsapp.)

I was so tickled by Jay’s response, I told the hubs to take a photo of him with the casuarina seeds so I can blog. And when Jay heard that, he decided to collect MORE seeds for me. And there you have it. And no, the seeds didn’t come home with Jay.

photo (3) At home, my little boy had to poop, and while he was on the toilet bowl, he also decided to ask his Daddy some biology questions.

*Graphic details ahead, you have been warned*

Jay: Daddy, why do we need to open our legs for the poo poo to come out?

Daddy: That is where the poo poo is supposed to come out.

Jay: “Ok. So the backside is the poo poo house?”

*pauses and then continues*

Jay: Is it like someone wants to go shopping, they come out of the house? So poo poo wants to go shopping so they come out?


When the hubs told me his very interesting and talkative day with Jay, I must admit I was getting a little green with envy! Jay is at the age where he is engaging, responsive, inquisitive, and yes I admit he may be a tad draining, but I really won’t have it any other way.

Which is making me very glad we have booked a family vacation to Bangkok – and we’re leaving this Friday! A 3-night and 4-day trip with just Jay (with Xav stays back in Singapore with his grandma), and I am looking forward to some quality time with my soon-to-be-not-that-little prince!

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Susan said...

Jay is so funny. Erm poo poo house? Enjoy yourself in bangkok with the family.

Edmund said...

I like the Poopoo house one! :)

Louise Antonette | Mommy Practicality said...

That's a smart little 4yo kid! :) Funny poopoo house. :)

Aileen said...

I enjoyed this story. Jay is indeed a smart kid! Yup! I agree that it could be draining answering all those questions but isn't it simply amusing?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, the things that Jay says. Can see how its potentially draining.

Sandra Tan said...

@Susan: Haha! Thanks! I've taken notes from your last trip to Terminal 21 at BKK too. :P

@Edmund: Haha... as did the Daddy! :D

@Louise: Thanks for popping by. Yes - he is smart, so it is always a "battle" to NOT be outsmarted by him. ;)

@Aileen: Heh heh! So far, I've been pretty amused by his questions, so *fingers crossed* hopefully this continues.

@sophiastory: Thanks for coming by!

Postcard Trail said...

*smile* curious kids are smart kids. if only we could record every conversations right? :)

Nanny said...

Hilarious! Your post made me laugh out loud. Kids are so funny sometimes :)

Mylene said...

The inquisitive period will continue and as parents I think we should always be ready to answer the the never ending questions.

Enjoy your vacation.

Sherry Reese said...

Haha! I love this post about Jay's day with daddy and his musings. Poo seems to be a common topic for boys...I get a running commentary from my oldest while he is on the toilet. "It's's going to be a big one...I'm done!" Haha! Have fun in Bangkok and share some pictures for your friend across the sea! :-)

jellybelly said...

It's hilarious what comes out of the little ones mouth :)