Saturday, September 08, 2012

Smile and the world smiles with you!

steph-tan-sandra-0009cutPhoto credit: Steph Tan Photography

Over at The Gingerbread Mum, she is on a I Heart Smiles project, to blog for every day in September, recording how she made her kids smile! I loved the idea, and my kids are pretty smiley and laugh-ey boys. My only regret is that I am sometimes unable to catch that twinkle in their eyes cos my camera’s not fast enough! Sigh. (On an aside, I am thinking I should dust off my old Canon DSLR to start to use again. Yeah, it is bulky. Yeah, I have heavier bags than I can bear sometimes. But I miss the photo quality of my DSLR! But I got to get a new camera charger cos the old one’s lost somewhere in the house.)

Well, back to the smiles.

Bubbles and kids. Never fails to bring a smile to their faces, and to mine as I watch them chase the bubbles, and attempt to burst the bubbles with their hands, feet and yes – even their faces!


Adora said...

"lost somewhere in the house"!!! oh that sounds like me too!!!

thanks for taking part in "I Heart Smiles" :) that is one gorgeous pic!

Sandra Tan said...

@Adora: Thanks... I hope to join you more often this month! ;)