Monday, October 01, 2012

Food of Bangkok: Someone say sushi?!

Finally “restarting” my posts on our Bangkok trip. The most memorable has got to be the FOOD of Bangkok! On the very first day we arrived at Bangkok, we were literally starving by the time it was dinner time, no thanks to a booboo by the hotel which left us waiting at the airport without the van for an hour and caused us to hit the legendary traffic jam that Bangkok seems famous for!

And so when we reached the hotel, we dumped our bags, and made our way to Siam Paragon – wanting to enjoy a good Japanese dinner, and our stomachs probably led us to this:

IMG_8664 The food came fast and furious, and we were ALL so hungry, we probably over-ordered. And managed to gulp every last morsel down.


Jay even ate the kiwi off the kiwi juice I ordered for him. THAT was how hungry he was. Haha!




IMG_8675This was probably the priciest meal we had in Bangkok, at a total of more than 3,300 baht for our table for seven (including Jay). But seeing how our journey there had been tiring to say the least, we simply wanted to enjoy a good meal to herald in a good holiday start!

Have you been to Bangkok? Any must-trys?


Lalah said...

Wow!!! you guys are really hungry... ehehehe

But the food is very delish. :)

Are the food in Bangkok really pricey? Me and my friends are planning to go next year.

Klessis said...

The food presentation looks good! =) I tend to avoid Siam Paragon whenever I'm in BKK, simply becos there are lots of cheap alternatives everywhere else. But since on a holiday, just pamper yourself! =D

Dominique@Dominique's Desk said...

The jap food looks so good. Much bigger portions then we have here in Singapore. Can't wait for my Thai trip in Dec to feast on all the foods.

Willyn said...

Super heavenly and mouth watering foods,now i know how starving ended up. lol:))

tet ^0^ said...

nice shots! what camera are you using? I hope to dine out out of the country as well. :>