Monday, November 12, 2012

Sand, sun and a spade

I love living where I do, in a small cosy estate in the East, a stone’s throw away from the wonderful food of Katong, easy access to shopping at Parkway Parade, a cool night breeze wafting in my living room, and most importantly, the East Coast beach a ten-minute walk away.

I’ve lived in this estate for most of my life, and as a youth, I must admit, I never found the allure of the beach. Not only did I become a parent did I realize how much fun a little sand and water will be – and free to boot!

2012-11-10 13.27.34

Jay was occupied with a simple spade, and digging a h9ole big enough to stand knee-deep in.

Anything that will occupy him for 20 minutes – is a good endeavour in my books! Haha!

My younger prince is not as adventurous when it comes to sand play. Yet.

2012-11-10 13.28.17

He refused to take his shoes off, and hardly wandered a foot away from where we were sitting! His choice of fun? A pail of sea water and some water toys! But I remember Jay only enjoying running on the beach after he turned two – and the turning point was the weekly chance at sandplay at his childcare. So there may be hope for Xav yet! Heh heh…

Nonetheless, spending a morning with the hubs and my two boys, followed by a very satisfying lunch at one of our favourite restaurant (Waraku) made for a perfect end to our Saturday!

Last weekend was also coincidentally our 6th wedding anniversary, and while we’ve tried to make some couple time the last few years, this was a weekend with a very tight schedule. So this was our little day out with the boys, and a mini-celebration. Sometimes I am a little amazed at how long we’ve known each other and been married, but without a doubt, it has been one awesome ride with my best friend and lover, and God’s blessing on my life!


Rina said...

aaah your younger prince is just like my boys. They love playing in the sand but hate the fact that sands can get into their sandal or touch their feet. Normally they will ask me or hubby to carry them to the spot where they want to play. If they have to walk on the sand they will stop and stand still begging for help to be carried. So weird yet funny lol!

I just found your blog through WW party and look forward to connect :)

Sandra Tan said...

@Rina: Thanks for popping by! Haha... Yes, the feel of sand between their toes is not something that they take too very easily!

Erinn Sluka said...

We all have quads and my 4 year old has come a long way with hating Sand on him. By the way, I love the Tee on your oldest.