Thursday, December 27, 2012

So this was Christmas…

I love the season of Christmas. Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed setting up the Christmas tree in my house, and since 3 years ago, (and an expensive $700 Christmas tree and baubles later), I’ve made sure we’ve kept this Christmas Tree tradition in our house as well!


My gorgeous silver and blue tree. I wanted to get all red baubles this year, but decided to depreciate my tree another year first. Haha!

What is Christmas without presents? And our tree was chockful of them! I have this almost-anal habit of NOT opening any presents till the Day itself, and instill this to my kids too. Unfortunately, my smart son managed to outwit me by tearing open some of the presents his friends gave to him in the childcare! Thwarted!

IMG_9772IMG_9775Still, early Christmas morning, a very sleepy Mummy and two pyjama-clad boys were happily ripping away on the remaining wrapped presents!

We also managed to put together two gatherings with church friends – and I decided to go non-Chinese in the food served! That means, no bee hoon or fried rice or curry. Instead, we had…

IMG_9738IMG_9737Cheese & crackers! (Preggers me didn’t manage to enjoy any though, cos unpasteurized cheeses can’t be a part of my diet)

IMG_9747A must-have (for me!) – Turkey! This was surprisingly juicy and not as tough or dry as I’d thought.


Red potato salad, Cedele breads to be toasted, a huge leg of bone-in ham, roast beef… A feast, in short!

And friends. Thank you for an awesome year of fun together!


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