Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Swimming miles above ground

With our upcoming relocation to Sydney, and the fact that the hubs will be going off in little more than a month’s time, we are making a lot more effort for family time.

We had the opportunity to stay for a night at one of our (and the kid’s) favourite hotels – Marina Bay Sands a week back, and we were so excited! We love the ambience, the nice rooms and the good dinner that Rise Restaurant promises. Haha!

The last time we stayed there, we dumped left Xavier with the grandmother, but this time round, my little prince came along well for some family bonding (and squeezing on the bed).

The highlight of the short stay – was the swim we had at the top of the hotel! Miles above ground, with a cool breeze and a stellar view. It was a great morning!

 2013-01-14 08.31.51-1 2013-01-14 08.44.38Family days are made of such mornings.

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Dominique Goh said...

Whao..swimming at Marina Bay sands hotel. It must have been really fun experience for the kids. We have been there once but didn't really get to try out the pool as it was really too cold when we were there that time.