Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sydney updates

It's been just over a week since the hubs has left Singapore for Sydney. I am thankful he has been as busy as a bee over there to help get things organized for the time when the whole gang will be overseas.

Our accommodation in Sydney

We'd always opted to live on campus, if possible. For the security, proximity and also better facilities (the hubs has had some baaaad experiences with getting his home Internet and phone line up and running previously, so on campus, we reckoned this would be better). However, we didn't get any reply from the Campus Accommodation side on the availability and so the hubs busied himself with searching out some possible locations. Due to the fact we were bringing the three kids along, we were looking to rent a 2-bedroom apartment, and one preferably near some basic amenities (like e supermarket). He did source out some possible ones... And in the midst of the apartment hunt, he received a confirmation email that an on-campus large 2-bedroom unit was available! Woohoo! Better late than never. The best part is that the utilities in that unit will be covered, which means we will save a good $200-300 a month on utilities.

The pre-school

Once we were firmed up on staying on the Uni campus, it was also easier for the hubs to narrow his search on public preschools for Jay. We also realized the mountain of paperwork that awaits us... From getting the approval to even enrol the boy, to arranging for an interview, and even more paperwork. I am just glad the hubs (and not me) is the one busy with all these things. Interestingly, the hubs went for an Open House – at a Jewish preschool, and was impressed by how the young Year 3s carried themselves. Unfortunately, there were no more vacancies for Kindergarten, so we will likely enrol Jay in a public preschool. 

The budget calculations pretty much in about the same state as it was two weeks back. More to be done. And yes this is under my list of To-Dos. Cough.

So in the last week, while the hubs has been busy running up and down the streets of Sydney, meeting his Uni professor, getting the house and school settled, I have been busy with...

Getting the routine of making the kids sleep down pat.

Busy about very different things, as you can see.

A new room, new routines to establish, and two very active boys make for tiring bedtimes. It takes both time and energy, both of which is in short supply at times.

Nevertheless, I am thankful.

Thankful for awesome family members and friends who have showered me and the boys with loads of love and care.

Thankful for Nic’s old pals in Sydney who have helped him ease back into the Aussie lifestyle.

Thankful that in the last 7 days, Nic managed to settle a number of admin stuff.

Thankful for supportive colleagues who have been willing to take up some workload off me.

Thankful for my two boys who bring hilarity and joy to my life.

There’ll be LOADS of things I will miss dearly in Singapore – but that is a post for another Thursday! ;) 

This post is part of my mini-series on preparing for our upcoming relocation to Sydney. Read more here!

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Dominique Goh said...

Good to hear that you have settled the accomodation and now am looking for a suitable school..all the best in the relocation.