Monday, April 01, 2013

Styling & Makeup Workshop - with Giveaway!

I read a recent blog post from a young-ish (and very famour) local female blogger expecting her first child. Like me, she is well into her third trimester, and has to deal with not just tummy the size of a basketball, but also pretty snide comments about how mummies should not be too concerned about their looks.

Erm, I don't know the kind of crowd she hangs out with, but my sympathies goes out to her. Cos as a third-time Mummy myself, I can state for a certainty - that a happy ME makes for a happy Mummy. And things that make ME happy include looking good, having pretty clothes or accessories or putting on nice make-up. I am not saying I agree with all her choices, but to be made to feel that guilty about wanting to look presentable is not cool at all!

Well, as you might be aware, I am a part of a group of Singapore Mom Bloggers, and this group turns ONE this month! It's amazing that this is only the first year, cos in the past 12 months, I've gotten to know so many wonderful mummy bloggers, it provides both companionship (knowing that there are so many others walking the same path as I do) as well as perspective (seeing how other alternative paths turn out for others as well).

As part of SMB's first year birthday bash, I was invited to a special Styling Workshop with some of my other mom blogger friends. It was like attending a high school gathering, without the usual drama. We laughed, we chatted, we posed and we spent the evening in a most delightful manner.

Our trainer for the evening, Florinda of Style Essence, was funny and engaging!

And she gave us some practical examples on what sort of clothes fit which body shapes. Of course in my current state, my shape is more Watermelon than anything else, but still, it was pretty interesting. We learnt which colours suit us more (I suit cool colours, which is good since the majority of my wardrobe is a nice shade of ... black).

The hands-on part (and highlight of the 90-minute workshop) was when Flo gave us a chance to try out Mary Kay's range of skincare products. It was their age-defying range (important as most of us were past 30 years old!), and she taught us some pretty useful tips on how cleansing our face.

I sat with Madeline (far left, blogs at MadPsychMum) and Jiahui (centre, blogs at Mum's The Word) and this was how we looked like coming into the Workshop - all more than a tad tired after a long day at work! Haha!

Our totally unglam shot, with our fringes pinned back and faces clean of any make-up.

All the blogger mummies in this right out of Halloween shot - testing out the face mask (which is one of the products I adore!) I've been to some facial spas, and especially when trying out a new method or product, the spa therapist will sometimes do half of my face first, so that I can see the difference. Well, the same thing here, except that we were the ones to work the magic of the product ourselves. Some of the mummies present has pretty noticeable differences - one has a visible lightening of her skin tone and another even had better defined cheekbones. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Well, after all these unglamourous poses, we went into the final (and most entertaining) part of the evening - makeover time!

It was like becoming 18 all over again, and learning how to dabble with eyeshadow colours, contouring, using eyelash curlers and blushers and the like. I liked that each participant had her own set of brushes and mascara wand (which was cleaned after each use), as I am always a little anal about using "common" brushes.

Here's how we look, all MADE-over! I loved it, and didn't think I would carry off a red lipstick this well, since I hardly use such strong colours for my lips. (Of course my hair tips so need touching up, and I can hardly wait till baby comes out so that I can make a long overdue visit to my hair stylist!)

All of us glama-mamas!

Workshop Giveaway!
Style Essence has generously agreed to sponsor THREE readers to attend the same Workshop as I did. Each Workshop is worth S$150, and so it is a great chance for you to know more about your body shape, suitable colours as well as go for a makeover!

To enter, simply leave a blog comment (with your name & email address)!

The giveaway will last for two weeks, and the 3 winners will be randomly drawn and announced on Monday, 15 April 2013. All the best to all! I know you will have a blast, as I did!

Conditions: Giveaway open to those residing in Singapore only; and Style Essence will be the one to contact you on the details of the workshop.


(Additional photo credits: Adeline & Rachel)

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this Workshop conducted by Style Essence as part of Singapore Mom Bloggers' first birthday bash, and received no compensation. All opinions stated are entirely my own.


Qiu Xian said...

Looks fun!
Qiu Xian

Agy said...

Wow, would love to learn more!

Est said...

Really need a makeover session before I degenerate to a haggard old lady chasing after 2 boys at home!

Connie Huang Low said...

oh i would love to as pretty as you mamas!

Carol Mei Mei said...

i haven't done any make-up since having three boys. Could do with a makeover and styling session?

xavvy said...

Making up sounds alien to me haa ! But would love to attend and learn some styling tips !

Serene Seah

mummybean said...

This is not usually my kind of thing but hey, it might be fun! throwing my name in the hat :)
mysmallthings [at] gmail [dot] com

Zephyalee said...

Wow! The workshop looks so interesting! Feels like I have so much more to learn on how to groom myself better! Thanks for the great post!

Seow Shi