Sunday, August 06, 2006

In The Beginning...

Well... There IS a beginning after all! Woo-hoo!

After lots half-hearted, last minute pull-outs, and aborted attempts at blogging, I've decided to get it going. LOL... Will it last? Will I update often? Or will this blog die a slow but natural death, like so many other blogs I see out there? [*Ahem* ... Yeah, I am talking about your one-blog-a-year post, Ms. Cheng! :) ]

Guess I always fancied myself to be strong linguistically... i.e. I tend to have lesser problems with such English hiccups like tenses et al. But even growing up, I wasn't a consistent diary writer. (Guess I felt a bit unsafe penning my thoughts down, what with 3 nosy sisters and my mom...) Of course it was a natural progression to come to this stage... Where I will pen my thoughts to the 'world' (or whoever is more voyeuristic/kaypoh/too free to do anything else...)

Well... I suddenly had this flashback of when I first came to church... That was when I learnt to pen down my thoughts better. Yah, was never good @ diary-keeping, but... was introduced to the 'Accountability Report' concept. Remember writing LONG LONG reports to Dawn before! Haha... Poor thing, she got the butt of my 'logorrhea' back then! And when Nic 1st went in to NS... Wah, we did the romantic letter-writing thingy... I'd start a LONG letter and keep adding on to it over the week before passing each other the letter over the weekend.. I'll write to him before bed or during lessons (LOL...) and my letter would be a MASSIVE 10, 11 pages long! Haha!!! Poor Nic hoh? Well, dear, your training for all your thesis research ma. Give you chance to improve your reading speed! LOL!

Just finished the 2nd night of FOP. Really enjoyed Rev Ed Silvoso's message tonight! Wah... Especially when he shared about how his life story and all... Really fun. Guess I also got used to his heavy accent! Looking forward to the Anniversary service! Think it's going to be sooo fun! Not so the FOP... After a l-o-n-g day... phew!

Ah well... Here goes nothing! My very first blog!!! *pat on the back* Finally!!!

Got to go catch some shut eye... "Store power" for tmrw! Haha!

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