Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wedding thing to do... Updated!


1. Confirm order of service for my matrimony. Worship leader (Bel! Yippee!)... Muzos (Yeap - all confirmed!)... MC... (John? To be confirmed...)
2. When to get the keys to the flat? (Thank you HDB... This coming Tuesday morning! Finally...)
3. Settle reno (Err...)
4. Settle furniture (Err...)
5. Get the $ to settle #3 & #4 (Err...)
6. Print the invitation cards for the matrimony & dinner (But first to get the pics from Rach & Amy to design) (Pics done - and wedding album also collected! Amy has been a dear, she just gave me not one, not two but three fantastic designs for my card! Wow... Having a hard time to choose...)
7. Collect the dinner cards from Exelsior Hotel (2 weeks overdue...) (Done!)
8. Wedding car? (Err...)
9. Register @ ROM (Done!)
10. Confirm guest list........... (It's coming along... it's coming along)

Other things already settled:
1. Our JB dinner (booked and cards are designed)
2. Our lunch reception (Yummy Kriston with yummy laksa!)
3. Flowers for the reception (Thanks Urban Bloomers!)
4. Our Singapore dinner (Went for the food tasting... Yum! Selected the type of decor we wanted for the ballroom - Oriental - as well as the wedding favours!)
5. Honeymoon booked! US West Coast tour from Nov 16-26! Yippee!!!


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