Monday, November 26, 2007

The Game Of Bridge

Well, to those who often hang with Nic & I, you'd probably know that our fave past-time is the game of BRIDGE!

We were introduced to this game about 2 years ago (I think!)... By people like Barry, Hendri, Andreas who've been playing this game for practically years. Coupled with the fact that Emerge 2007 had the Contract Bridge competition, and Mel & ZY participated in it, we were quite hooked!

So, Mel & ZY literally spent hours with Nic & I... in our favourite Bridge "haunts" (i.e. our house or the HK Cafe @ Cineleisure). Playing "free-style" bridge (i.e. no standard partner) was hard enough to catch on, but cos of Emerge, it literally forced us to read up on the rules of contract bridge! We had to learn what each bid we made meant to our partner, & how to communicate via our bids... Our Shi Fu then was Andreas, who was staying over at our place. Though the three of us were literally under one roof, we'd be huddled over our own laptops, honing our contract bridge skills over MSN Games! It was so much fun! Hahaha... And after Nic & I graduated from Andreas' contract bridge training, it was time for us to "pass on" the skills to Mel & ZY! Hey they did well enough to secure for themselves 2nd place in the competition leh! And this just after a month of intensive "training"!

But with Emerge well behind us, we have kinda "lost" the contract bridge skills. Also, after playing Contract-style, we all realized the Free-style was less taxing on our brain juices. Cos you just need to be concerned about your own set in Free-style... No need to think of how to communicate to your partner!

The interesting thing is... Having had many bridge-kakis, there is really a LOT you can tell of someone from the way they play!

I am a very relaxed Bridge player... Especially when it comes to the bidding part. Most of the time, unless my cards are REALLY good, I am OK to be a supporter! Hahaha...

Nic, on the totally opposite end, is super analytical. Same as Andreas, actually. I am very in awe of their ability to be able to calculate how many sets they'd be able to win. Half the time, I am just hoping for the best! Hahaha...

Then there is Melvin. True to his personality, he is a very "chiong" kind of guy. He would drive the bid up & and is VERY intense when playing...

Zhiyong? Haha... Standard opening bid used to ALWAYS be "1 No Trump"... Roll eye. After much "therapy" sessions with us, he has improved! But you can always read his cards (i.e. good or bad set) by his actions... Non poker-face!

But cos we 4 always play together, we kinda know how each other would bid, so sometimes it is good to have some "fresh blood". Like Barry. He played this game WAY before any of us 4. But his bidding ah... Haiz... We will practice more with you okie, my fren? Hahahahaha!!! He would bid very very high but his cards are... err... He has a "tong gui yu jing" mentality! Cannot give up the bid one...

Hendri is cautious... Quite analytical. Games with him, seldom can bid to 3... Haha!

May & MZ... oh man! They are super amusing to play with! Hahaha... MZ especially, cos he is very high-energy! And his optimism, in the face of horrid cards, is inspiring (for want of a better word...)

It's definitely a game that we can play on and on for! =)

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