Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Daddy's Birthday!

Happie Birthday to my dearest dad!!!

We had a family dinner @ Kuishinbo just now... A very scumptous meal! Especially the yummy, juicy, succulent Snow Crab Legs!!! Oooo.... Very very delicious! *slurp...* My dearest hubby also had the enviable task of cutting through those gigantic legs for me, Teresa & Jac! I whispered to him... "PD" runs in my family... "Princess Demands"! LOL... We even met Ps Ken & his subzone leaders in the restaurant!
After that, we went back to Marine Parade to have the birthday cake. Our regular family birthday cake is the Classic Durian Cake from emicakes (Which is yummy-yummy-yummy!).... This time my mom ventured into the unknown and ordered the ULTIMATE DURIAN CAKE. That's right. You read it right. ULTIMATE Durian Cake! Oooo... And the durian filling inside the cake is more 2 centimetres. Aaah.... 2cm of the wonderfully chewy fragrant durian filling. It is so so so so so SOOOOOO good! I only had this teeny tiny sliver of the cake (cos the food was still getting digested from dinner!)... Fabulous!

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