Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gearing Up For Friends...

Tradition... to Transition... to Transformation!

This was Pastor Kong's sermon for this weekend, and it was a very, very good one! Pastor spoke on Zacharias and Elizabeth, on how though Zacharias prayed and prayed his entire life for a child, but when the promised drew near, he froze up and couldn't follow through with it. Whereas Elizabeth's wisdom kept her hidden from her critics for the first 6 months of conception... and when you consider the 'natural' facts, what Elizabeth did was very, very wise indeed. Considering the changes of a miscarriage decreases exponentially as the months go by, she protected her then-unborn baby from suffering a miscarriage due to the doubts or mockery of the people!

For me, it was only in my 6th month (thereabouts la...) that the bump became more prominent (making me say this phrase often: "Oh yeap... I am pregnant, not just fat." Haha... vindication!)

Anyhow, back to the sermon, I was very very inspired, both by Pastor's message as well as the recent BUZZ in the office of how the board members & staff are practically ALL having personal friends this Christmas! So I went all out to call, email and SMS a total of 4 backsliders and 5 friends... And to date, I have 3 friends confirmed! Yippee... For the rest, another 3 are still planning out their X'mas plans and havent confirmed yet. Now I'm reaching out to another 10 friends, and hope to bring the final number of friends coming to at least 8! :)

Another initiative that Shilin brought up to me on Sat morning was to do house-to-house caroling. Well, I must confess I wasn't keen when I first heard of it... Haha! But after mulling about it over my MacDonald's lunch (food does wonders for my mood & thought process), I decided it was really a very good idea! I decided to change the venue of our caroling to the Marine Parade area... Why, we can even carol @ the units of my private apartment! What makes it ideal is that CG is at my Marine Parade house, so the contacts we make will be also open to just come for CG later on! We can also get nice small gifts to bless each family & also invite them down for our X'mas service!

The harvest is truly plentiful!!! =)

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