Monday, December 17, 2007

Shopping Day!

Woke up bright & early... Amazing considering this is a MONDAY, no less!

Am looking forward to my shopping day with Nic. He applied for leave, so that we can shop for (1) Jayvon's things (Finally!) and (2) Christmas presents (loads and loads and loads to buy!!!).

Also gonna meet my sister Jaclyn later, who wanted me to bring her to a hair salon to cut & colour her hair. Meant to bring her to Audrey's, but as I'm going down town to shop, decided that going Far East is also a good option la! Hmmm... how time has changed. When I was younger than her, I already *ahem...* sneaked behind my parent's back to do my hair. Now? Haha... She has the 'liberty' to come right out to colour her hair AND ask my dad for money to do it... *shake head*... times are different indeed!

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