Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

This has been quite a different CNY for me, compared to previous years.

Well, yes, obviously, I am still on my confinement period (on that note - I've crossed the 2-week mark! Yippee!!!) so obviously going around my normal visitations is quite out of the question...

And then there is the absolute LACK of new year's clothes! Man... It was on CNY Eve that I realized this is probably my very first year ever of not getting new clothes for the new year. So had to scramble around for the most decent, "new-looking" clothes to wear for the few days! Quite a difficult task, considering most of the clothes I brought over from Tampines are my baggy third-month maternity ones! Haha!

As I was married in Nov 06, I managed to get around giving many ang pows last CNY... and ta-da! With Jayvon born just in time for CNY this year, we even managed to "recoup" some of our outgoing ang pow money back!
O, and speaking of Jayvon, today marked the very FIRST day we dressed him up in some fine threads! Haha... Check this out, courtesy of Auntie Teresa:

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