Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bye Ah Meng...

You would be hard-pressed to miss this headline news today. On the very cover of today's issue of The Straits Times, a big head-shot of a Singapore icon with the headline: Ah Meng Dies. At the grand old age of 48, she was a household name! Why, I think more Singaporeans would be able to recognize her then Singapore's founding fathers or cabinet ministers!

Just how big is Ah Meng? Well, let me count the ways:
1. Celebs like Michael Jackson & even royalty like Prince Philip has come a'knocking to visit her! (Not the other way around...)
2. People actually pay to have tea with her. That's right... fork out cold hard cash!
3. Even President SR Nathan was reached to comment on her passing...
4. She has starred in 30 movies. That's way more than ANY other Singpaorean actor or actress!
5. She even has her OWN Wikipedia article.
Well, Ah Meng you have been well-loved & will be well-missed!
And that is a truly a great testimony of a life well-lived. Not just the accolades acquired, but in the IMPACT made! If even a primate can achieve this... Wow... How much more us!

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