Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jayvon's One Month!

17 Feb 2008 marked Jayvon's one-month celebration. From 12pm to 5pm, relatives, friends & colleagues poured into our house bearing much gifts & well-wishes!

Just wanna say a big big THANK YOU to all who came! Your presence really meant a lot to us!

Realised that in all the busy-ness & excitement, we forgot to take photos! So... It was with this last very "privileged" group that managed to take a shot with my prince! Haha...

Our little family! :)

Check out the mountain of gifts... My mother almost fainted! We now have a high chair, play gym, loads of clothes, bags, shoes, socks, diapers... the list goes on... We're still trying to find storage for these things now... :P

Oh! A special thanks to Yunrui & Jiamei. They did this FANTASTIC scrapbook for Jayvon!!! It is sooooooooo nice! You two are fabulous!

And through it all... my little prince? Sleeping most of the time! LOL...

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