Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Melvin & Shilin... And their strange contest...

Well... U know what they say about an idle mind? Hahaha... When the crowd had dissipated after Jayvon's one-month lil' party was over, a few of our friends stayed back for ... BRIDGE! Unfortunately, I was in the room nursing Jayvon, and Nic was clearing stuff, so... for some very strange unknown reason, Melvin & Shilin got into a little challenge.

What challenge, you ask?

Hmmm... Seeing who can stuff more KEROPOK FISHBALLS INTO THEIR MOUTHS. Yes. U read it right. They wanted to compete who could stuff those little round keropok (shaped & sized like fishballs...) into their mouths.

Melvin, being the chivalrous one, offered to give Shilin a 3-fishball lead, seeing how she had braces on her teeth still.

Like I said... It is a very strange challenge. Unfortunately for them, we have photographic evidence. Xiuzhen even has a VIDEO CLIP... Watch out for it on Youtube! Hahaha!

Cos I like Shilin (and cos Melvin got no face to throw anyhow), I have refrained from showing the more awkward pics of Shilin! Hahaha... Nonetheless... Enjoy!

Oh - and the final result? It was a TIE! Melvin stuffed TEN fishballs in his very very big mouth, and Shilin managed a whopping SEVEN!

The ever-helpful Barry... :) Aww... What a friend! If you ever need help stuffing fishballs in your mouth, you know who to look for!
My mother is looking on in amazement... Hahaha!!!

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