Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Long Distance Dreams...

I was looking through Nic's laptop trying to get some of our honeymoon pics... And wow - when I saw all the photos we took in US, there's only one thought on my mind:


Groan... It was such a FUN few days that when we touched down in Singapore, I honestly had a minor case of depression! Hahaha... We went to the West Coast of USA, covering LA, Vegas & San Francisco. It was all about shopping... eating... playing... shopping... sightseeing... oh, and did I mention shopping?

I enjoyed it sooooooooooooooooooooo much I strongly recommended it to MZ & May who went last Dec!

Hopefully (and prayerfully), we can go to the USA again soon. I'd love to go to the East Coast now... Ps Yong keeps telling me all about New York City... Man... The spirit is willing, but the moolah needs to come too! Hahaha....

Have been pretty blessed... Managed to travel to US (once), Australia (about 4 times I think...), Taiwan (3 times), Thailand (once), Israel (ahh... another good trip!!!), Hong Kong (about 2 times ba, cant recall) and Japan (once).

As good as those trips were, here're some other places I really wanna visit:

  • New York New York!
  • Shanghai (my sisters just went in Jan, and they totally loved it!)
  • Japan (last time I went, too young/ignorant/poor to shop!)
  • London (at least must see the Big Ben up close & personal)

As you can see... I am a urban kind of gal - no trekking or hiking or nature-y kinda trips for me, thank you very much. I mean I love arts and nature, but not for the entire trip. I need an outlet for my shopping needs too!

What is it about vacations anyway? People willingly plonk down thousands of dollars for just a few days' getaway... And buying things that they probably won't even buy/wear/use/look at once they reach home! Haha... But after saying all of that - I'll be the first on that bandwagon nonetheless!

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