Saturday, March 15, 2008

10 Years in City Harvest!

Today marks my 10th anniversary as a City Harvest Church member! How time really flies... When I was attended my very first CHC service ten years ago, (that was still in the old Hollywood building!), I remember sensing the exuberance and passion of the people around me. And as I stepped up to the front to answer the altar call and to say the sinner's prayer, I remember telling God that I wanted to have that same love, passion and enthusiasm as those I saw around me - not just for God (though that's of course important) but of LIFE ITSELF!
It has been a fantastic and colourful ten years! Here's a mini-recap of my life in CHC:
  • My first ministry was in Children's Church - It was so fun though tiring. I was a service helper, and also did visitations in the Taman Jurong/Clementi area. My Visitation Leader was Danny - he was a man who really loved kids and went out of his way for them! I even see many of the kids now in youth CGs!

  • One of my very first CG members... Francis Lim! (I know you don't recall right, Francis? But I remember seeing you in CG for just 1 or 2 times before you transferred out! Hahaha!)

  • Ultra long CGM. And I mean ultra ultra super-duper kind of long. I was just a VERY new member, and this was maybe my 3rd or 4th meeting. It was a "river of God" movement, and we went in for the CG meeting at about 2pm on a sunny Saturday. It was really a very good meeting, presence of God was very strong... but when we ended the meeting, it was already 8pm. 8pm. It was a 6-hour long meeting! I remember this meeting not just for the length of it, but also because it was one of my first few really close encounters with God, growing up. Thank you, Dawn!
  • And of course... Nic! Dawn (my CGL) was his classmate in Singapore Poly and invited him for Easter (he came to CHC exactly a month after I did) and so we were in the same CG. He responded during that service, and I still remember when the CG went to have lunch over at City Plaza, he looked soooooooooooo fierce and unapproachable, that the members (who'd usually engage and talk to the new friends) went to get their own lunch, leaving him on the table alone - with just very talkative me! Haha... The start of our wonderful friendship!

  • Becoming a CGL in '99.

  • Attending SOT in '02.

  • Going for the Israel study trip & couple of mission trips to Taiwan!
    • Working in Church & knowing these wonderful colleagues!

    All in all... it has been one fun ride and I'm looking forward to the years ahead. I'm looking forward to introducing Jayvon to a life that I've loved for so long! :)


    Oh... and before I forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UNCLE WII!

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