Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Celebrating 2 Birthdays!

March 15 was my mother-in-law as well as Melvin's birthday. So Nic & I practically feasted the entire weekend away!

On Saturday itself, we had a family dinner at Kim Choo Restaurant. As usual, the food didn't disappoint! We ordered the Assam Fish Head, Beef Rendang, Chup Chye, Fish Maw Soup... Unfortunately, I didn't have much chance to savour the food (much less take photos) cos of the baby... But you can read more about this wonderful restaurant here!
Jayvon with his Auntie Sharon & granddad!

Then on Sunday we met up at Raffles City Shopping Centre to celebrate the birthday of dearest Melvin (a.k.a. Sugardaddy & Uncle Wii). Why is he called 'Uncle Wii'? Well, that is what he will get for Jayvon! Hahaha...

The restaurant: Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar. Food was quite nice - I tried their yakitori & crab omelette. Their yakitori was quite unique - they had bacon-wrapped prawns and bacon-wrapped quail eggs! I lurve eggs, so I thought the crab omelette was fab too!

As you can see from the pic above, Barry was the only one amongst the guys brave enough to carry Jayvon. And yes - Jayvon was as uncomfortable as he looks above! Haha... Try again la, Barry.

I even have a video of how we sabo-ed Mel (really quite mild compared to previous years...) BUT I tried twice to upload into Youtube to no avail. Sigh... But once I have it uploaded, I'll post it here!

After dinner, we proceeded to our fave hang-out place: Hong Kong Cafe @ Orchard Cineleisure for some fellowship and bridge! Even saw Xiuzhen, Ka Man, Margaret and their frens there too (bridge too!)

All in all, it was a very fun & fruitful weekend.

Now.. time to gear up towards EASTER! See you all in church this weekend!

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