Monday, March 24, 2008

2 Jabs & A Shot

IMG_0551I took Jayvon to the pediatrician this morning, to get him vaccinated - in preparation of him going to the office nursery. As Nic had to work and could not get off, my mother accompanied me to Gleneagles instead. And so off we went, after a hearty lunch at Beach Road Prawn Mee (located strangely at Upper East Coast Road)! When we reached there, Jayvon was behaving himself nicely, sitting in the pram!

I was expecting him to receive just ONE jab - but instead he got a total of TWO INJECTIONS & 1 ORAL DOSE!

What injections?

A) The 5-in-1 vaccine (which he would need to receive anyway when he comes for his 3rd month immunization)...

B) The Pneumococcal vaccine. The disease can cause meningitis (infection of the brain lining), pneumonia (lung infection), septicaemia (blood infection) and otitis media (middle-ear infection)

C) The Rotavirus vaccine (orally taken), which is a highly contagious infection of the digestive tract.

The 2nd & 3rd vaccines are usually recommended to children attending day care. Though I have great faith in the overall cleanliness of our office nursery, I also wanted to provide Jayvon with maximum coverage.

IMG_0557 IMG_0558

What price, such coverage?

A very staggering $374. I am still reeling in shock! Hahaha!

Added to the fact that I also spent another $110 today to stock up on diapers, cotton wool and wet wipes for him... this is a very costly day for him! Phew... His Uncle Wii (a.k.a. Melvin) once told me, "Babies ma... eat and sleep. Will spend money meh?!?" Sigh... The blessing of ignorance! Haha - you will know soon enough!!!

But thankfully, when he reached home... It's all but a distant memory in the sweet bye-and-bye...This is Jayvon - KO-ed!



Oh, and on a similar note... there is now a battle going on:

The Battle For Baby's Bottom!


These are the three contestants in this battle!

On the extreme left is DRYPERS.  In the middle's MAMY POKO. And on the right's PAMPERS.

Who's winning?


COST-WISE: DRYPERS wins hands-down! It boasts the lowest per-diaper cost (compared to this lot)

LOOKS-WISE: It has to go to Mamy Poko - check out the cute Winnie the Pooh pics all over the wristband!

EASE OF USE-WISE: It has to be Pampers! It has the highest per-diaper cost of the three - but it has a very very good function: the yellow line running down the middle of the diaper! Once it turns BLUE, that means baby has pooped or peed or both! That means, no need to peek or undo the diaper to check.

So the conclusion? Jayvon now has a healthy stock of ALL 3 diaper brands! My personal fave is still Pampers, but as Jayvon is going through like 8-10 diaper changes A DAY... it is a bit too hard-going on our pockets to use it exclusively!

My sister (with three kids of her own) uses Drypers - so I think if I do have a second child, probably the cost factor will reign over any other. Hahaha!


sherrie said...

Have you tried DOREMI aka Nepia? They cost $15 and you can get them home delivered if you order a box (4 pax). Texture wise as good as Pampers but no blue lines.

San said...

Hi Sherrie! Thanks for the tip - I'll go check this brand out!

ED said...

tks for the reminder...Must preapre so much for my Nadine's injection.

BTW, Good to see u back in office today!

San said...

Hi Ed! Yeah - my first "night out" without baby! Was fun - though my mom is thoroughly terrorized by him!