Friday, March 07, 2008

My 5.5kg Wonder Boy...

Yippee! We brought Jayvon for his very very FINAL blood check at KKH yesterday, and I'm glad to report he's finally discharged as his jaundice level's in the clear! Praise the Lord!

As we brought him for his one-month immunization jab last Monday, and the nurse at the clinic already measured his height & weight (5.01 kg and 57.5 cm), they wanted to do so again yesterday... And he is now weighing in at a very very hefty 5.5 kg & 59 cm! Phew... 1/2 kg in just a few days!

Here's me & my little prince... It's a stripey day!

I am counting down the days to when I'll be going back to work... Got to list out the things to buy to stock up my Tampines home first! (Bottle sterilizer... bath-tub... cupboard for baby's things... an endless list!)

Oh... And here's Jayvon with his favourite cousin Gabriel! (Haha... Fave cos Gab's always around in the mornings when it's Jayvon's bath-time!)

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