Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Saturday Without Ma Ma

My mom went for a crusie over this weekend... And what did I do?

I managed to bathe my little prince for the very first time today! *Clap clap clap!*

My sister has been taking the "bathing duty" from Mondays to Fridays and my mom helps out on the weekends. During the first month, I was a bit apprehensive cos small babies just look so fragile... Then when Jayvon crossed the one month mark, I strained my thumb and that put a stop to my taking over the bathing duty!

But today, there was no choice. I could hardly NOT bathe my baby yah? Haha... But we're glad to report Jayvon is none the worst after his first bath by me!

And after the bath, Nic & I took Jayvon out to Roxy Square for breakfast, and we'll be preparing to bring him over to Expo later on for service!

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