Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Price Of Heartland Living

I love my soya bean drink!!!

On weekday mornings, I would usually go to the Jollibean stall in Suntec for my daily "fix". Especially when I was pregnant and my usual Ya Kun kopi-c was a big no-no, soya bean was a good alternative for me!

I just went over to Marine Parade Central to pick up some toiletries & baby supplies, and the food centre has a Selegie Soya Bean. They sell great soya bean drink & very smooth beancurd too. I ate a couple of times but have never personally bought (and paid) for it before.

So imagine my surprise, when I bought 2 cups of soya bean drink and a soya bean curd... I took out a $5 note from my wallet... and the cost was $2.40 only! O-so-cheap! It cost me half of what it WOULD cost if I were to get this in Suntec.

I am enjoying my heartland living. :)


Terms and Conditions said...

Just like my "Lao Ren Chun" ... a pork chop plate with baked potato cost me just a mere $4. Haha... so cheap. Good quantity and quality.

Btw parents are raving on how cute and longish Jayvon look... miss him already. Hope to see ur on Sat.

San said...

Haha! Yes - yours probably cheaper too compared to Marine Parade. :)

Will be attending Sat service - see ya then! U can see your baby nephew up close & personal.