Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Give That Baby More Room!

I have a big baby.

There... I've said it.

I won't say he's fat though.

More like chubby.

More like Theodore from the Chipmunks.

And so... being a chubby baby, it is inevitable.

No more room. Squeezy. Squeezed.



Check out his uncomfortable look.


And so... I have decided. My baby's comfort and well-being is important.

A new fund has been started:

A Give-That-Baby-More-Room Fund.

All proceeds will go towards upgrading his pram. From his current Cherry QQ-sized pram to a gorgeous Mercedes one! One worthy of my baby's err... bulk and chubs!

I present to you... the Peg Perego Pliko Pramette!


So don't hesitate! Call 1800-IWannaGiveJayvonANewPram now!

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