Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yay! New Pram!

Yippee! I am glad to announce that Baby Jayvon finally has r-o-o-m!

On Saturday morning, I received three missed calls from Ps Yong & Val - was quite shocked! But when I returned the call, Ps Yong told me... "SALE IN ROBINSONS!" Aah... Sale. What a long-forgotten friend! Hahaha... It's been so long since I've been out shopping!

Anyhow, Ps said that Robinson's was selling the Peg Perego Pliko P3 for $488 - compared to the usual price of almost $700! And Robinson's card holders will get an additional 5% off! So we packed & headed for Centrepoint to check out this deal.

Did I buy it?

Well, I bought a Peg Perego in the end, but not the Robinsons one, though it was really quite a good deal.

Cos of my constant longing to get a new pram, I actually saw an online auction of the Peg Perego Pliko Pramette. The owner wanted to sell it off at $450. So I had contacted her, and learnt that she was even willing to let the pram go at $400! The original price for the pramette is a staggering $800. But I was quite reluctant and double-minded about this, cos I'd have to travel all the way to the owner's place (at Seng Kang!) and not know the actual condition of the pram.

But after viewing the pram at Robinsons, we decided to just take a cab to Seng Kang to see the other one.

And it was really a very pleasant surprise! The pramette was in pristine condition! The owner's baby, now 6 months old (and incidentally only about as big as my chubby baby), preferred to be carried about in a sarong and so rather than leaving the pram to "waste" in her home, she wanted to sell it off.

So at $400... it is a STEAL!

I love my new pram. Jayvon tried it out and he's loving it too! Hahaha...

More pictures will be posted soon! :) Thanks to all who've 'pledged' to his pram fund... Hahaha...

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