Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Updates...

Firstly, as promised... here's a final farewell to the Combi pram. You will not be sorely missed. :)

 Jayvon Old Pram

If you see the position of his hands, you'll know... He's uncomfortable! Cos his normal sleeping posture on the bed's more like this:


Like what Adam said... "Praising the Lord!" Hahaha...

So it is with great joy in our hearts, though our pockets definitely felt the pinch, that we got the new gorgeously green Peg Perego Pliko Pramette!


And how does he look like in the pram now?

Jayvon New Pram


Well, it was also my birthday on Monday - so the past week was spent in celebrations of all sorts with different ones!

- Family Dinner @ Seafood International

I didn't have much time to take shots of the yummy food... but here's a shot of a must-have if you ever go for a dinner over there: Curry Crab with Garlic Bread! Oooooo... Fantastic!!!


- Zone Celebration @ C-Nai Hong Kong Cafe


- Ala Carte Buffet Dinner @ Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant


- Yummiest Durian Cake

durian cake

This is FANTASTIC!!! Two thumbs up! Thanks to Ed for recommending this online bakery! The name of the cake says it all... Durian Decadence. Glorious. :)


And finally... Congratulations are in order!

Congrats to two couples for embarking on a whole new chapter (a whole new book, really) of their relationship: MARRIAGE! Congrats to Jimmy & Mingyan, and Randy & Shun Ai! :)

And... Congrats to Ed & Jiahui on having their third baby gal, Nadine. As proof of how serious a blogger he is, Ed updated his blog EVEN WHILE JIAHUI WAS IN THE DELIVERY SUITE.

Man... When I was about to give birth, Nic & I decided to have "radio silence"! Haha... So I am extremely in awe of the BOTH of them! Well, if Nicole and Nathan are any indication, I am sure Nadine will turn up cute as peas as well! :)

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