Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well-Spent... In More Ways Than 1...

I am happy to announce that Jayvon and I have "survived" our first day in the office nursery!

He woke up bright and early this morning, and we (and by 'we',

I mean Karen) gave him a good bath, and we were off in my dad's car! My bag was chock-ful of things. What things? Well... 2 changes of clothes, his new jacket, wet wipes, pampers, 5 milk bottles, his blanket, diaper rash cream, handkerchiefs... I was fussing over the bag-packing last night, cos I didn't want to forget ANYTHING.

My mother was soooooooooooooooooooo reluctant to let Jayvon go that she followed us to the nursery, just to see where she was leaving her precious grandson and in whose hands! She was even slow in letting Aunty carry baby once we reached. But, having woken up at 6am, he was so tired when he reached the nursery, that shortly after putting him on his stomach and just gently tapping him, my little baby was soon snoozing away!

Oh, and I am so glad the thick jacket from Mothercare worked out so well!

Nursery day 1

My little boy looks all grown up! He had a good day in the nursery - and I'm sure he will grow to love it more and more... with the many jie-jies and gor-gors there!

And apart from a good buy that is well worth the money... I am TOTALLY BUSHED from today! Phew... I basically got my work in order, so that I can really start to clear my backlog and get some REAL work done. But I got to admit... I am spent.


So I am also happy to receive a call from my agency that I can pick up my new maid tomorrow! Yippee... I am glad I'll have someone to go in to the office with me, and help keep an eye out for my little prince. :)

Got a few people asking me what the matter was with my current maid, that I want to replace. Well... The list of what she has done wrong is really quite wrong, but I think to summarize it, she has one major problem: Integrity. She is not very honest, especially when confronted with her mistakes. Her first reaction's often to shift blame & focus off herself!


Some examples:

We told her to bathe 3 times a day - morning, afternoon (after lunch) and before she sleeps. Well, she did so for the first week or so... then she stopped bathing in the morning. When my mother asked her if she bathes in the morning, she said, "Yes." Though she was wearing exactly what she wore to bed last night. Though my mother, who was up when she was as well, did not hear any water from the bath running. Though she did not "smell" bathed in the morning. SIGH.

I taught her to prepare drinking water for baby. Very simple. 3-step process: Step (1): After sterilizing the bottles in the morning, pour a little hot water into a bottle. Step (2): When I ask for the water, pour a little bit more hot water. Step (3): Add rosehip syrup (which sweetens the water). The 3rd or 4th time she helped me to prepare, I realised she did Step (3) immediately after Step (1) - which meant she pre-prepared the drinking water. When I asked her... her 1st reaction: "Err... Yesterday..." Huh?!? Yesterday? I was even more upset cos she tried to lie or say something to the effect that the water was from yesterday! So after a bit more probing, she confessed, "I wanted to TRY." DOUBLE SIGH... TRY!?!?!?!

A week or so after the above incident, I asked her to make the water for baby again. This time... She did Steps (1) and (2) correctly. BUT... She mixed Scotts Emulsion into the water instead of rosehip syrup. And her mistake was spotted because my mother happened to walk into the kitchen and asked the maid what she was doing with the Scotts Emulsion. Her reply, "Oh.. Never mind Ma Ma... I've got a spare bottle." SIGH SIGH SIGH... "Never mind"?!?! No apology as well!

Just yesterday, she prepared the baby's bath water. Nic taught her to use a thermometer to check the temperature of the bath. When my sister was about to bathe the baby, she tested her water and almost scalded her hand - because the water was SCALDING HOT. The maid did not even bother to check the water with her hands, much less use the thermometer. And of cos, once again: no excuses given, but no apology either. SIGH.

So the conclusion is really I cannot TRUST her. I cannot trust her to be careful. I cannot trust her to be truthful and I cannot trust her to tell me if something is wrong, especially with the baby. Though I do feel sad and bad for her, as she is also working hard for her children back in Philippines, I think I'd rather get a new maid now, after 2 months, than to wait longer and also delay her returning back.

Ah well, I do hope this new maid'll love Jayvon more. :)

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