Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Most Read Articles (14 May 2008)

1. China quake toll tops 12,000, aid offers pour in

2. Bodies line the streets as quake town's agony laid bare

3. S'porean businesses shaken by China quake

4. Molester gets 2 years, 8 strokes

5. Traffickers target child survivors of Myanmar cyclone: UN

6. Families desperate for news on teens trapped in collapsed Chinese school

7. M'sian woman mistook naked thief for husband

8. Man jailed for filming woman's upskirt with handphone

9. Physiotherapist gets 15 months, caning for molest

10. Jail for maid who moonlighted as loan shark


How morbid... Top 10 news articles in the Straits Times Interactive today are all of gore and death and crime. Probably not a "new" phenomenon though, and I think that's the more morbid part.

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