Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Want...


Kate Spade Diaper Bag!

I am really an ACCESSORIES person. I so absolutely adore them!

I can never imagine plonking down a few thousand dollars for a dress (no matter how branded)... but my-o-my... bags and wallets are probably my "fatal point"! Hahaha...

I have bought many, many, MANY bags... Due to my budget constraint, they've all been cheap, oft-poorly made, mass-manufactured kind. I mean, I love to buy cheap deals as much as the next gal, but when $50 bags can hardly be used for more than 2 months, it can get tiring!

Last Christmas, I received a nice roomy bag from a close friend. Design-wise, though he bought it from Bugis Street, it was really nice! The very first time I used it, I was out shopping at Raffles City before meeting friends for dinner. My laptop bag (another cheap buy) broke & I had not choice but to put my trusty Dell laptop in this Bugis Street bag.

Within 2 hours, the strap on the Bugis Street bag also broke! Unbelievable... And with the impeccable timing & location (Raffles City Shopping Centre! Not the cheapest place to buy a bag!), I had no choice but to get a replacement bag. I tried to find a nice laptop bag... but it was so expensive! In the end, I settled for an Aldo bag... which cost me $100+!  The moral of the story? Cheap bags are just that: cheap. I stopped buying bags from Bugis Street or cart wagons since then.

Then I fell in love with this Japanese-brand bag (can't remember the name)! First bought it in Taiwan & I have 3 bags from that brand. Very good, very sturdy... but too "grungy" a look. So it isn't really suitable for office wear (as smart-casual our office wear is).

So this is really the story of my bag journey. And so it has come to this...

I want to buy ONE NICE BAG. The ONE bag that will rule my wardrobe. The ONE bag that will last me for a good few years! (Until the Second bag comes along, that is...)

I poured over Loewe (very nice!!!) & Louis Vuitton (the one bag I lurve... costs $2k+... sigh...) And so I've decided to "settle" for Kate Spade. I like her simple, minimalist look!

And why a DIAPER bag?

Duh... to put diapers in!

Hahaha... but seriously, since I am looking for that ONE bag & also lack a diaper bag for use when going out with my baby, might as well just combine these 2 wants.


On another note, I received an SMS last night from a long-time-ago member. In it, he wrote: "Hi Sandra... coming out from a prayer meeting, I was just looking back at my ministry as a guitarist these past years. I got reminded of how I started guitar under you and Nic. And I really really want to tell you I'm so thankful for the faith you had in a young boy like me back then. And even more, for the effort and labour you poured into me as my CGL. I couldn't have served God this way if not for a blessing like you. Thank you! Andre"

Wow... Thank you so much Dre! Your "young boy" makes us feel so old! Haha! But on a more serious note: I was so, so touched when I received our sms last night! Just want to say: Thank you for your thank you! I've not been your CGL for the past 3 years le, I think... But thank you for still remembering us. :)

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