Monday, May 19, 2008

A Packed Saturday

(LIfe from Jayvon's eyes...)

Saturday was a very packed day! I was so excited that I woke Daddy & Mommy up at 5AM to prepare! Daddy & Mommy brought me to many places today.

After Mommy bathed me & changed me into some cool togs, we went to Singapore Art Museum. Auntie Jer Blinn was getting married to Uncle Jared today. I was a bit sleepy already, even before the ceremony started, so Mommy took me outside to the Courtyard to make me sleep. But Mommy, I am so happy for Auntie Jer Blinn that I couldn't possibly fall asleep! Mommy brought me around the Art Museum, and told me it was one of the venues for Daddy & Mommy's wedding photo shoot too... Nice!

This is my very first wedding. So fun! Mommy says I can be a Page Boy when I grow up a bit. Guess walking is an important prerequisite... Uncle Wii, maybe I can be your Page Boy? :)


It was kinda hot in the Courtyard, so after taking a photo with the beautiful Aunties Jer Blinn & Grace, Daddy, Mommy & me went to Sushi Tei at Raffles City. What a nice place. Daddy & Mommy had a good lunch. Me? I was lying on the couch, glad to finally be able to stretch out a bit. Daddy was so naughty, he wanted to make me sleep. Nah... I prefer to be awake!

Mommy wanted to look at her desired Kate Spade bag, so we all went to the Kate Spade outlet. What a beautiful green bag Mommy chose! It goes so well with my green Peg Perego as well! Mommy forgot to bring her vouchers, so we couldn't get the bag for Mommy yet...

By the time we reached home, it was nearly 230pm. Yawn... I caught some shut-eye till 445pm, when Mommy hurriedly carried me out of the bed. It was time to go to Expo for service! Oh my, we were running late. No time to even change out of my comfy home clothes either... Mommy brought along my favourite Old Navy jacket and a pair of long pants for me to change into when we reached Nursery 1.

Service was fun as usual. I always like the Praise & Worship. This time, I sat on Mommy's lap, listening to Pastor teach on prayer. What an interesting sermon! I want to learn to pray too!

But I was getting a bit restless. I was so tired already... What a packed day of events. After service, Daddy & Mommy were on the way to the taxi stand, when we met up with Mommy's cell group members... All the familiar faces! he last thing I remember was Auntie Audrey wanting to carry me.




Even Auntie Jing Ting & Auntie Qinsi took the chance to take a photo with me even though I was sound asleep.

What a day!

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