Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bringing Up Babies

Just read in the Straits Times today, that more infant care centres are being set up and that demand for such centres, despite their steep steep steep prices don't appear to be waning! It costs, on the average, a staggering $1,165 to put your infant in such a centre. What an astronomical amount!

But I guess this is the price to pay, given most couples in Singapore are both working, and the only other options would be to leave baby with grandparents or with the maid.

I am thankful I have the luxury of bringing my baby to the office nursery. And in fact, when Nic or I tell our friends, they are surprised that such a facility exists within the confines of my office! A couple of years back, when a department in the office moved out, Sun decided to convert the space vacated into the office nursery. Talk about foresight! Then, we only had a few married couples and only a few babies... But since then, we have experienced a BABY BOOM amongst the staff!


Just in 2008 alone, we have the following additions to the "staff pool":

Jayvon... Jaelyn... Thomas George... Yvette... Nadine... Justyn... Noah... Jowen... Jewel...

This excludes the currently-pregnant mothers, which numbers about 7 so far!!!

Hmmm... A lot of babies beginning with the letter "J" eh? I guess I've got to quickly "book" my next baby's name! Haha...

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