Wednesday, June 25, 2008


What is the definition of the word "revive"?

It is the return, recall or recovery of life from death.

It is the reformation of doctrine.

It will counteract spiritual decline.

It will accomplish what our best spiritual effort cannot.

It will reanimate, awaken and restore.

It will make the church happy in God once again.

And during the time of revival, there will be a strong call.


What is that strong call?

One that requires you to enter enemy territory for that cup of water, just because your king desires it.

One that requires you to pray an hour at the backside of Singapore, early in the morning, when you'd rather be sleeping, just because you want to seek the heart of God.

One that demands "Consecration! Separation!" when every one else says "Just do it your own way!" just because you want to please God, not man.

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