Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doctor Day

Yesterday Nic took off from work... We planned to go out with Baby & shop a bit.

Well, we did manage to go out, but not like what we originally envisioned. Haha... In the end, Baby & I both went to see the doctor (& racked up huge bills in the process...)

I blame it entirely on Jac. Sigh... She was down with a bad bout of flu, and passed her virus to me. I saw the doctor twice before yesterday, took two bouts of antibiotics. Felt better. Then, she came back from her NTU Orientation Camp, STILL down with flu! And she passed to me AGAIN. So this time, Dr. Ooi gave me Augmentin, a stronger dose of antibiotics. Cost me $75... Faint!

And Baby? Well, we brought him to Kinder Clinic at Parkway straight after my doctor's visit. Poor Jay is down with a bad bout of flu as well... But it was so entertaining for Nic & I to see him with Dr. Vasanthi. Haha... It was as if he was perfectly all right! Gurgling & smiling! Thankfully, after a good rest yesterday (he slept for a good 7 hours straight last night, giving ME a good sleep too! Haha...), he's well on the road to a full recovery soon too!

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