Friday, July 18, 2008

Picture Time!!!

After a looooooooooooong time, I finally uploaded pics from my camera. :)


Jay & his favourite cousin Gabriel! Look at Jay's "stunned" face,coupled with the prison-worthy garb!


Heads up!


IMG_0858   Jay & his favourite activity... thumb-sucking!


So hard to get a pic of my prince smiling! Usually by the time I press "click", he goes back to his normal "unsmiley" self. So I lurve shots like these! As you can see, some pics a bit blurry. I said... it's hard to capture that "Kodak" moment. Sigh... Yang... Need your expertise!


My bad. =) Oops! Forgot to off the flash! IMG_0845

Yes another bath-tub shot! Jay loves bathing! His usual "bath-er" is Auntie Karen (on weekdays, so Mommy can go bathe & prepare for work!). Saturdays are bath time with me! And Sundays are (sometimes) reserved for Ma Ma.

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