Monday, July 07, 2008

Life's Simple Pleasures


Going for regular pedicures!


Shopping !!! Be it shopping for Jayvon's clothes, baby supplies, Ed Hardy tops, kitchenware... It is ALL good!

And nowadays, as it's kinda hard for me to go shopping without the baby, I have taken to ONLINE SHOPPING - a brand new frontier! Well, make that ONLINE BROWSING! Haha... It is so fun browsing through the sites, and I must admit, it IS tempting to just order clothes & accessories online. But so far, I've only done so once.

Oh! But I was talking to Baoting just last week, and we decided to organize a mini "spree" for OLD NAVY. They have a very good range of baby's clothings. Keen to join us? Haha... Email me for more details la. (We're ordering by tomorrow, Tuesday though)


Chilling out & having coffee / tea!

My drink for this morning? A nice milky cup of teh tarik from this place. Yeap, I especially went for a cuppa this morning after stumbling across that blog post over the weekend! Very very yummy! Want to find some good hawker food around your area? Check this blog out!

Blog-hopping! Definitely one of the things I'd do on a twice-daily basis. Seeing the thought-life & insights of friends & cg members is both delightful and entertaining! Hahaha.. 

But by far my greatest pleasure & honour... To see my little baby grow day by day! Yes it is tiring. Yes I am sleep-deprived. But what a great blessing & joy he is! :)


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