Monday, July 14, 2008

Po Po

Just reached office.

Went to SGH (*Edited... Should be NUH.. LOL...) with Karen to see Po Po earlier this morning.

Quite disheartening to see her this way now. Weak, frail, non-responsive, hooked up on that feeding tube. Sigh.

I remember... We used to have these mega reunion dinners, where she would practically singlehandedly cook every single item. And it would be soooooo much leftovers, that for the next few days after CNY Eve we'd be eating different versions of the same food (steamed fish now deep fried, steamed chicken now stirred fried with black sauce etc)!

Oh, and her ngoh hiangs were the BEST. She would make strings and strings of them and we would gobble up the entire plate (and bring back the frozen ones home too!)

God, please heal her & give her Your peace.

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Karen said...

Wrong hospital... NUH