Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hot Babe!

This has been my faithful friend for the past few days.osim

It has been a long tiring sleepless week. Oh yes, there are the highlights! Going for the morning prayer sessions at Church of Singapore (Yippee! A 5-min walk away!) Fruitful week in the office, cos most of us reach sooooooooo much earlier! And of cos, with the END of my FOP / EGM busyness, this was supposed to be a week of backlog-clearing.

But my poor baby is down with a rather persistent fever.

It is probably cos of the fact he's teething, but his fever's been spiking. I first found out when I reached home after Thu's morning prayer. Found Jay was a little too warm to the touch. When I measured his temperature, I was a bit taken aback to see the 38.5 degree reading!

Brought Jay to see the pedi in the afternoon when his fever didn't subside... But since then, my poor baby's been having fever spikes. 38.6... 39.0... and last night it shot up to 39.6 degrees!

So dear friends, colleagues & CG members... Please forgive me if you haven't managed to get me. Phone down, baby down... Haha!

But thanks for your prayers... He's getting better already. Guess it is a "season" for all babies to go through. :)

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