Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Much To Say... So Little Time...

To all my faithful blog readers out there:

Thank you for always popping by! Haha... Sorry I've been BOGGED DOWN to the max these past few days. It has been work work and more (you've guessed it!) WORK!

Work is good.

That's right. Let's just say it again.

Work is GOOD.

Anyways, loads to update!

Like my recent purchase: A gorgeous brand new heart-stirringly pretty HTC Diamond!

Like my baby's newest development: His very first tooth almost peeking out! Very exciting! Of cos it means he is grumpier & fussier than normal (contributing to my overall sense of fatigue)... But it is exciting! :)

Like my new haircut! Only Audrey can convince me to go for such a drastic look. Don't ask me why my hair's so short now. Suffice to say I was in a tired, "vulnerable", "Anything la, Audrey. Look nice can already" mood last Saturday when I went to see her. And for the record: Yes, I do miss my long hair too. >< But like my mom always says... "Short hair good! Save shampoo!" Hahaha!

Like my newest work-"mountain"... I'm stuck under an avalanche of minutes to be written, minutes to be edited, minutes to be filed, minutes to be signed... Argh! Never ending.

Ah well... God is the strength of my heart.

I do promise to update as soooooooooon as I can! :)

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