Thursday, August 07, 2008


This was a word I used just today.

JADED, adj

Meaning: worn out; wearied; dulled by surfeit; sated; tired or bored from overindulgence or overwork; tired, bored, weary, worn out, done in, spent, drained, exhausted, shattered, dulled, fatigued, fed up, wearied, sapped, uninterested, listless, tired-out, enervated, zonked.

Disappointments will come.

Disappointments with people, things, events, leaders, family members, friends, loved ones.

Yet, it is important to guard our hearts.

So that disappointment does not take root and grow into jadedness.

Then we lose our gratitude and thankfulness.

And jadedness sets in...


Thank you for working so hard, friend. :) You know who you (all) are. Just keep on keeping on k? So long as we all always remember the PURPOSE of this "battle." :)

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